£297.00 GBP

Master Your Money Mindset - Group Coaching

Join me for 4 weeks of Group Coaching, where we're going to shift your money mindset, and add another 2/3k to your monthly income and even more into 2023.

What you'll get:

  • Weekly coaching, so that we can draw out what is stopping you and create the shifts you need to make more money

  • A Private Facebook Group, to support you in between the coaching sessions... this is about giving you all the support you need to make those shifts

  • Resources, such as journalling prompts, tapping, mediations and anything else that you need to help you change those faulty belief systems and open up to more money!

I will be investing in you as much as you are investing in yourself, because I want this for you.  I know you deserve to earn more and I want you to continue the ripple effect, because that's what we do when we make more money!

Make more money.  Have more time to enjoy it.

Let's make this happen, because your success is my success!

Ooo and one final thing - please make sure you read my T&Cs before making payment...click here